Principal Violin

Carrie Kulas

carrie_kulasConcertmaster and Principal Violinist Carrie Kulas has graced the Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra with her superlative leadership and bowing precision since 1992. As the principal violinist, Mrs. Kulas strives to cultivate the best sound that can be achieved for every musical selection.

At age nine, Mrs. Kulas developed an unexpected fondness for what some consider the most human of all instruments, setting aside her clarinet and picking up a bow. The challenges of competition and developing muscle memory heightened her interest. During high school, grieving the tragic loss of her dearest friend, Mrs. Kulas immersed herself in practicing. “I learned how to express myself through the violin music,” she says.

Her burgeoning love of playing the violin motivated her to save every dime from her first job to send herself to a sixweek orchestra camp. Mrs. Kulas earned her Bachelor of Music Performance from UW Stevens Point. She credits her success to a number of fine and gifted teachers, including Everett Goodwin, Margery Aber and Vasile Beluska. Mrs. Kulas also served as concertmaster for the Green Bay Civic Symphony from 1996 to 2003. She has performed with the Pamiro Opera Company, the Green Bay Symphony, the Clayton Ladue Chamber Orchestra, the St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra and the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra. Since 1985 Mrs. Kulas has been teaching violin at the Suzuki Music Academy of Green Bay, and is a former member of the Wausau Area Suzuki Association.

Not only is Mrs. Kulas a strong musical leader but she also possesses the ability to play in a wide range of styles. Mrs. Kulas’ skills and dedication as a teacher are especially valuable to the MSO as she assists players to navigate the technical hurdles of some very difficult pieces. In addition to joy and passion, Mrs. Kulas also brings a great sense of humor to her work. “The Manitowoc Symphony is truly blessed to have Carrie Kulas as our concertmaster,” says Music Director Wayne Wildman. “I’ve learned so much from Carrie over the years and am proud to have her as my partner in musicmaking.”